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ASA 5505 drops game every 30 minutes

My 5505 drops me off Blizzard games (World of WarCraft and Overwatch) every half hour or so but not based on play time.  For example, earlier today I was playing WoW.  I got disconnected from the game every hour and half hour on the clock around 4-7 minutes and again at 34-37 minutes.  If I connect to a Blizzard game, I'll be able to play until one of those times on the clock comes back around again (5:35, 6:04, 6:37, etc.).  It doesn't seem to be exactly every thirty minutes as it's started happening a bit later in the hour every day.

When I'm directly connected to my cable modem, I don't experience the issue.  Once the 5505 is introduced though, the issue returns.  Additionally, whether I have multiple other devices on my inside LAN connected to the ASA doesn't seem to make a difference.  The issue happens when the ASA is connected to just my PC and the modem.

I don't notice a problem with any other services, but there may be and I just haven't noticed it yet.  The only thing that I can see that's likely related to the issue is that if I have Wireshark running when the issue happens, I seem to get a lot of RST, ACK from the Blizzard IP addresses.

I'm running 9.24 on the ASA.

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: ASA 5505 drops game every 30 minutes

I confirmed that the issue does not happen when I'm directly connected to my cable modem.

Anyone have any ideas on how I might continue troubleshooting?


Re: ASA 5505 drops game every 30 minutes

The problem seems to have cleared up on its own.  The RST, ACK commands make me think it was a problem on Blizzard's end, but it seems weird that they were able to tell when I was using the firewall...