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ASA5510 LU missed number updates

Can someone help me understand this error message I saw in syslog?  We had a problem with a network outage and while looking through logs to see if the firewalls failed over I found this message coming from the secondary firewall....

%ASA-6-210022: LU missed 6181228 updates

What are the implications of this?  It looks to me like this secondary FW had not been communicating for quite some time as I see no log messages at all from it going back quite a ways and then today the box was rebooted and when it came back online i saw log messages coming from it (including this one)

I have already seen the following so dont just link me to it........


Error Message    %PIX|ASA-6-210022: LU missed number updates

Explanation    Stateful Failover assigns a sequence number for each record sent to the standby unit. When a received record sequence number is out of sequence with the last updated record, the information in between is assumed lost and this error message is sent.

Recommended Action    Unless there are LAN interruptions, check the available memory on both security appliance units to ensure that there is enough memory to process the stateful information. Use the show failover command to monitor the quality of stateful information updates.

Cisco Employee

Re: ASA5510 LU missed number updates

"show fail" are rxerr or txerr increasing on any of the units?

Implications? Stateful failover will not work ... so sessions are not replicated properly and failure of one units will cause existing sessions to be dropped- most protocols designed for internet can cope with this.