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ASDM screen issues

Hi All

I'm using ASDM 7.6(2) on my ASA 5525-x Version 9.4(3)11.

Every time I'm working on NAT rules the screen get messed up (see pic). Is there anyone that know how to fix it.

I have upgraded Java to 8u101 and still the same.



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Did you check with different browsers ?

Also can you clear your JAVA cache on the PC and then test with the ASDM ?

Please try upgrading to the latest ASDM version and test:



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Did you ever figure out the

Did you ever figure out the answer to this issue?  I'm having the same problem.  I have the latest version of ASDM on my computer as well as Java. Just as a side note, this isn't ASDM web start.  This is the full client on mine, but it does it on both of them. I have cleared out my Java cache as well.  I have also added the IP address of the ASA in the trusted sites of Java for low security.

Mine seems to start doing it on NAT, and ACL changes/additions. Otherwise I have not got it to do it on any other screen.

Im probably going to open a TAC case on this since I have been dealing with it for some time.  I will post the reply back here.


No. I still have the problem

No. I still have the problem on my desktop computer, but on my laptop it works fine.


Thanks for the reply.  Its

Thanks for the reply.  Its the same for me as well. My laptop works fine, even my Surface pro works fine with the same os and same programs. I wonder if its specific to a certain computer model or program thats installed. I dont have many programs installed on my computer by maybe we have something in common causing this. Since its working on other machines, it sounds to me like something else is messing with it.

I have an ASUS motherboard (custom PC) with an NVida graphics card with installed drivers. SEP (latest version) and Office 2013. Otherwise there isnt much on my computer.  Im running Windows 10 Pro latest version (anniversary edition) 1607 Build 14393.447.

My only doubt on that is im running almost the exact same programs on my other computers and don't have this problem. I have a TAC case open now, but no movement on it yet.


Re: ASDM screen issues

Anyone find a resolution to this? I'm having the same issue on a Windows 7 (Hey, if it ain't broke...) Dell computer with an AMD Radeon 7000 series graphics card. On some screens the screen attempts to redraw itself every couple of seconds starting wherever my mouse is leaving multiple artifacts all over and rendering the screen unreadable.


Re: ASDM screen issues

I fixed this on my system by doing the following:

  1. Find javaw.exe you installed.
  2. Right click -> Properties
  3. Go to Compatibility tab
  4. Check Override high DPI scaling behavior.
  5. Choose System for Scaling performed by:

Re: ASDM screen issues

By following the first four steps in Andrew's post worked for me.  My option was worded differently.  It said Disable display scaling on high DPI settings.

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