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Differences: Cisco ASA 5515-X vs 5516-X

What are the main differences between the 5515-X and the 5516-X?  Odd that their model numbers are 1-digit apart.

The form factor is different, the 5515-X being a longer, silver appliance.  The 5516-X is a shorter appliance with the black and red styling of the 5506-X.

How about as far as Cisco support life on these two models?  Was one released quite a bit earlier than the other?

Debating on which I should order.  Thank you!

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The 5525-X was one of the

The 5525-X was one of the first -X models that are available for many years now. The 5506-X, 5508-X and 5516-X are the newest models available. They are shown in the data-sheet for performance and other values like amount of VPN-peers etc.

My stance:

  • I I had previously used a 5512-X, now I would look for a 5508-X in most cases
  • If I had used a 5515-X I now would plan for a 5516-X

But that is just a rough estimation, your milage may vary.


are running the same ASA IOS

are running the same ASA IOS as the 5515x? are all features avaible, like HA etc?

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About the only thing you don

About the only thing you don't get with a 5516-X that is included with the 5515-X is the ability to add an expansion card for additional physical interfaces (including SFPs).

All of the software features are exactly the same.

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As always, great input

As always, great input Karsten! (+5 from me). To add to Karsten's input:

The 5516-X has a much better CPU compared to the 5515-X and a result, you will get much better performance (See below):

5515-X 8 GB Clarkdale 3059 MHz, 1 CPU (4 cores)
5516-X 8GB Atom C2000 series 2400 MHz, 1 CPU (8 cores)

I have also heard that the 5512/5515 models will be EoL/EoS soon. 

I hope this helps!

Thank you for rating helpful posts!


Re: As always, great input

Forgive me if im late to the party here, but isnt a clarkdale CPU (i.e. an intel core or xeon branded cpu) better than an atom?

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Re: As always, great input

The ASA 5515-X went end of sales in 2017.

While the 5516-X's Atom C2000 may be in some respects theoretically less capable than the general purpose Intel Clarkdale (and is also susceptible to the dread clock signal bug that bricks the hardware), there are other factors such as having 8 cores vs. 4 and the Cavium Octeon III crypto accelerator in the ASA 5516-X vs. Cavium Nitrox in the ASA 5515-X that affect system performance.