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Disappointed: ASA 8.4 Redundant using Port-channels

So I finally got all our ASAs upgrade to version 8.4 and was all sorts of excited to configure port-channels to our 6500 + SUP7203B switches.  I was severally disappointed to discover that I cannot configure two port-channels and have them be members of a redundant interface pair.  It would seem like a logical topology.

Port-channel1 = Gig0/0 & Gig0/1

Port-channel2 = Gig0/2 & Gig0/3

Redundant1 = Port-channel1 & Port-channel2

Port-channel1 would connect to the primary 6500

Port-channel2 would connect to the backup 6500

What would it take to make this work?  Am I going to have to wait for 8.5?  Will we finally get BGP then too? (Had to get that in there)

EtherChannel Guidelines

You can configure up to 48 EtherChannels.

Each channel group can have eight active interfaces. Note that you can assign up to 16 interfaces to a channel group. While only eight interfaces can be active, the remaining interfaces can act as standby links in case of interface failure.

All interfaces in the channel group must be the same type and speed. The first interface added to the channel group determines the correct type and speed.

The device to which you connect the ASA 5500 EtherChannel must also support 802.3ad EtherChannels; for example, you can connect to the Catalyst 6500 switch.

All ASA configuration refers to the logical EtherChannel interface instead of the member physical interfaces.

You cannot use a redundant interface as part of an EtherChannel, nor can you use an EtherChannel as part of a redundant interface. You cannot use the same physical interfaces in a redundant interface and an EtherChannel interface. You can, however, configure both types on the ASA if they do not use the same physical interfaces.


Disappointed: ASA 8.4 Redundant using Port-channels

Hello Yaplej,

Agree with you but unfortunetly this is not supported yet,

We migh need to wait some time before this desing can be accomplish,


If you do not have any other question please mark the question as answered

Julio Carvajal
Senior Network Security and Core Specialist
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