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FWSM internal interface/s to 6509 switch fabric.

G'day All,


I have a HA pair of FWSMs in a couple of 6509s that until recently were happily working away in their active/standby status. Recently we've losing connectivity to the standby FWSM both from network management access and session access off the 6509. Only a module reset from the 65 has brought the FWSM back online. Logging hasn't revealed any thing of interest for the issue.

So we deciced to connect a console cable to the flakey standby FWSM (which on board the card), we followed the standard cisco procedure to shut down the card, no power enable the slot and connect the cable to on-board console port and re-install the card. As soon as we reinstalled the card, our sup's flipped out and tried to failover locally, with the Status and Active LEDs on the sups flashing red and the sups were unresponsive until we removed the FWSM and unplugged the console cable and reinstalled the card. At this point the switch returned to 99% normal operation.

The standby FWSM is up with what looks to be a complete config, but it is unable to contact it HA mate, the active FWSM, so the standby FWSM now thinks that it is the active FWSM.

We are only able to access the this FWSM via session access, but all other comms are down from the FWSM. It appears to me that the internal port channel is broken but I can't quite see how it is configued.

We are seeing a log message (in bold) that I am unable to find a lot of information about from the net. (See below) has anyone else see this log message before and if so, what does it mean? I have done some reading of IDBs but I am still unable to find anything that directly relates to this log entry.


 The PC in slot 8 is shutting down. Please wait ...
Sep  3 14:21:32.723: %SNMP-5-MODULETRAP: Module 8 [Down] Trap
Sep  3 14:21:32.799: PC shutdown completed for module 8
Sep  3 14:21:42.800: %C6KPWR-4-DISABLED: power to module in slot 8 set off (User Request)
Sep  3 14:22:39.676: %SVCLC-4-MINORTEMP: Module 8 CPU1 has exceeded its normal operating temperature. (current temp=101C)
Sep  3 14:23:26.092: %DIAG-6-RUN_MINIMUM: Module 8: Running Minimal Diagnostics...
Sep  3 14:23:27.852: %DIAG-6-DIAG_OK: Module 8: Passed Online Diagnostics
Sep  3 14:23:28.116: fw_configure_channel: ahwidb is a NULL
Sep  3 14:23:28.116: %SNMP-5-MODULETRAP: Module 8 [Up] Trap
Sep  3 14:23:28.116: %OIR-6-SP_INSCARD: Card inserted in slot 8, interfaces are now online
Sep  3 14:23:28.112: STBY: fw_configure_channel: ahwidb is a NULL

Huge thanks for anyone that can assist.




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