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Multiple PAT using ASDM gui


First, I'm not an expert in networking, I am a sysadmin.

I have an access to our cisco ASA via ASDM GUI (v7.8).


I have 2 servers on private network (same subnet, serv1 and serv2 and 1 IP on public network (say,

I need to PAT outside (world) connections to our two internal servers.

I would like to achieve this :


connect to would PAT to

connect to would PAT to


I could achieve to get first PAT to work (using "NAT RULES" tab), but when I try to add the second PAT I get 

"Pool ( overlap with existing pool"


I know this is theoricaly possible but I don't know how to achieve this using ASDM GUI (only access I have).

I can do this with an easy iptables NAT table, but I'm missing something for ASDM.


Thanks for any help :)


Edit : more details :


Each NAT rule is created with following options (see attached crafted capture)


Sans titre3.png


Edit2 :

Ok found something, I need I think to provide "Source interface" too but the problem is I don't have the sufficient rights to see the external network card of ASA, I think.

I tried using dynamic PAT (Hide), and got it to work for both ports, but not the way I want : the ASA hide the original IP and it's a security matter to us to have a fail2ban up and running to block external IPs bruteforcing.