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SNMP Server NOT Receiving TRAP when NAT/PAT is used

Hi Guys,



I have an issue receiving snmp traps, The scenario is, we have 4 snmp servers (A,B,C,D), out of which A  and B are required to do snmp polling & trap , where as the server C, D are doing snmp polling only. There is a FTD firewall in between snmp servers (Inside) and the network devices (Outside ). Note that each network devices has unique public ip.


So we configured a Policy based  PAT (inside -> outside) for all the 4 servers with a Public ip (E)  , and there are two  Static  UNI-DIRECTIONAL NAT  ( outside -> inside)  for server A & B with public ip F, G to receive SNMP Traps.


Now there is no issue with SNMP polling, but there is no snmp trap traffic observed on FTD and SNMP server from network devices ,even though the snmp configuration is correct on the network devices.



My question is , is there any relation between NAT/PAT with SNMP traps to receive.

why the snmp servers are not receiving snmp traps from network devices, if a uni-directional static nat is configured for snmp servers.



A brief explanation and a solution is expected from experts.  a sample diagram is attached.



Thank you.