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Upgrading ASA (5520) from 8.2(5) to 8.4(6)

Hi All,

I'm planing to upgrade my failover firewalls active/standby from 8.2.5 to 8.4.6. I read about the NAT and I think I'm ready for it cross fingers

My plane is

Upload the 8.4.6 and ASDM 7.1.3 for both firewalls then assgin the boot and ASDM image to the new files. After thaton the active firewall reload the standby and wait until its up and running (cross finger again) then force the active to be standby and reload the standby to get the new 8.4.6.

am I right about that? or should I upgrade to 8.3.1 or 8.3.1 first ?? please if it is, can you give me the full upgarde path?

Thanks in advance!!!


Upgrading ASA (5520) from 8.2(5) to 8.4(6)

I don't know if I'm going to answer your question.  But here is my latest experience, about year ago.  I just preformed an upgrade from 8.0.x to on a pair of ASA 5510's in failover using CLI.  The upgrade seem to go smooth from our end,  but all connection did drop.  We followed these steps here.  NAT wasn't an issue for us. 

Point is, there really isn't an upgrade path.  Just reload stand-by unit, make it the active unit and watch the connections.  Ours dropped don't know why.

Don't know if that helps,


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Upgrading ASA (5520) from 8.2(5) to 8.4(6)

Your plan sounds good.

I would suggest you check the standby unit after its relaod for the "upgrade errors" file that is created and saved to flash automatically. That should highlight any syntax parsing issues it had with your existing pre-8.3 confguration.

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Upgrading ASA (5520) from 8.2(5) to 8.4(6)


You may already checked it and units are ready to go but as fyi-the memory req is 2Gig for 5520 for new code (8.3 up).




Upgrading ASA (5520) from 8.2(5) to 8.4(6)

So that's mean I don't need to upgrade to 8.3.X first, just jump from 8.2 to 8.4 right?

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Upgrading ASA (5520) from 8.2(5) to 8.4(6)

Correct. You do NOT need to go via 8.3 as an interim step.