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Very wierd networking/OS issue w/Vista and secure sites...

The issue at the hotel A is very very strange. What we have is when guests with Vista notebooks go to say, then they try to login or create a new acct, they can not proceed and get an error of unable to find the page. This is not true for all secure sites, I could log into my hotmail and yahoo just fine, but financial institutions I could not, maybe they use a higher level of security. With XP it works just fine. I took the same Vista notebook over to the Hotel B (we also run the internet pipe into) and it logs to the trouble sites just fine (pretty much mimicking the symptoms the guest are seeing). Take Vista machine back to RI, page can not be displayed. It seems to only affecting the Vista OS and some secure sites. I did extensive research on it yesterday and discovered there is a issue with some net security implementations that Vista uses vs. its predecessors (.…but that then doesn't explain why it works at the Hotel B and not A)…this is a known Microsoft issue best I could dig up. I did some packet captures and I found where comms is being dropped by the website

What would you speculate the cause of this is? I am showing a lot of tcp rst between the website and client, unfortunately I have spent about 8-10 hours trying to do research and figure this one out, its not a local configuration issue (guessing) becuase take Vista notebook in hotel A, doesnt work, same machine, Hotel B, works. Take XP machine, works in both Hotel A and Hotel B.

Attaching a packet capture....whats really odd is how with same network (Hotel A) different OS, one goes to site, the other one doesnt.

Packet 38 shows the TCP Reset being flagged btw.

Thank you,

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Re: Very wierd networking/OS issue w/Vista and secure sites...

It may be a compatiability issues between the device . Could you paste your feature set as well as brief discussion about your topology.

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