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Download Anyconnect / Secure Client 5 issues

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Level 1

I used AnyConnect last year for accessing CML labs on the sandbox. There was never any issues with it.

I'm now trying to download AnyConnect / Secure Client 5 from the link provided in the email when I spin up a CML lab, but the link takes me to a download page where, when I click on the required download for my Windows Clinet, it tells me that there's an "Entitlement Required" and that "Your service contract information indicates that you are not authorized to download software for this product."

I never needed a contract before. Has Cisco changed the goal posts for free use of CML on the Sandbox? If so this is a big issue, as their DevNet course on NetAcad still indicates that it's free to use.

Any advice or assistance would be appreciated.


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I think this was changed a while back and the download removed from the DevNet site. You need to the contract to download Cisco AnyConnect because it's a licensed software product. In such cases if you have no contract, use OpenConnect

It would be up to NetAcad to update their information if this is in correct, suggest to open a support ticket with them if you are having issues with their course too.

Hope this helps!

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This is exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks very much for the assistance. It is very much appreciated.

Maybe i need a cape!

Happy to help where i can.

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