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Cisco Employee

Context Visibility Internal Server Error

Have a two node deployment running 2.1.  M&T is active on the secondary node.  Primary node does not populate the dashlets on the home page and when clicking on Context Visibility the page gives an Internal Server Error.  On the secondary node all is working OK and I have access to all context visibility.  I've promoted the secondary to primary and rebuilt the original primary but still receive the error.  Application Status shows the Indexing Engine process running.  However when I stop/start the ISE processes, the Indexing Engine gave a failed to start error.  But it still show up as running on a subsequent status check.  Both ISE nodes have primary and reverse names loaded in DNS.

I've rebuilt, reset and rebooted.  How can I troubleshoot this further?

application start ise

Starting ISE Monitoring & Troubleshooting Session Database...

Starting ISE Profiler Database...

Starting ISE pxGrid processes...

Starting ISE Application Server...

Starting ISE Indexing Engine...

ISE Indexing Engine did not start 

Starting ISE Certificate Authority Service...

Starting ISE EST Service...

Starting ISE Sxp Engine Service...

Starting ISE Monitoring & Troubleshooting Log Processor...

Starting ISE Monitoring & Troubleshooting Log Collector...

Starting ISE AD Connector...

Note: ISE Processes are initializing. Use 'show application status ise'

      CLI to verify all processes are in running state.

ISE PROCESS NAME                   STATE        PROCESS ID


Database Listener                  running      1722
Database Server                    running      65 PROCESSES
Application Server                 running      3360
Profiler Database                  running      22123
ISE Indexing Engine                running      28967
AD Connector                       running      7101
M&T Session Database               running      28548
M&T Log Collector                  running      30750
M&T Log Processor                  running      30663
Certificate Authority Service      running      32006
EST Service                        running      2899
SXP Engine Service                 running      3970


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Cisco Employee

Re: Context Visibility Internal Server Error

configured reverse DNS lookup? Other than that, you can check the logs files vcs.log and ise-psc.log on the Primary node and profiler.log on the Policy node for any errors.

Since you already fixed the DNS records, please check the other items.


Re: Context Visibility Internal Server Error

I have a 9-node ISE deployment (2 x Admin, 2 x M&T, 5 x PSN) with exactly the same issue.

The deployment was upgraded 1.2->1.4->-2.1. Working fine until the 1.4 PAN was moved over at the end of the upgrade process. Promoting the Secondary Admin Node to Primary does not fix the problem.

Looks like this is a bug...


Cisco Employee

Re: Context Visibility Internal Server Error

There are a couple of bugs open on this area. Please open a TAC case if not already done. Thanks.


Re: Context Visibility Internal Server Error

Hi all...

Any news on that issue? I am experiencing the same issue!

When opening the Context Visibility > Endpoints I am getting "Internal Server Error".

Currently I am unable to add Internal Endpoints for MAB...

Have you already got a solution from TAC?

Thanks and BR!


Re: Context Visibility Internal Server Error

Not yet - we do have a TAC case open.


Re: Context Visibility Internal Server Error


What is the   the case number ?




Re: Context Visibility Internal Server Error

Configuring DNS reverse lookup for ISE nodes works for me. I have similar error after we upgrade to 2.1 and do the failover. This is base on bug ID CSCva01828.

regards, MiKe

Re: Context Visibility Internal Server Error

Ok, this workaround is working for me...

Failover to secondary ISE "enables" the Endpoints menu again...


Re: Context Visibility Internal Server Error

We have been advised to Generate admin persona certificates for all ISE nodes in the deployment with their IP as a SAN field:


Re: Context Visibility Internal Server Error

we are also facing same issue version 2.3 patch 6 . Did you enabled that settings  ?