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Cisco Employee

Ethernet deployment best practices


Is there any best practices document or training focusing on explaining Ethernet deployment best practices?

After dealing with many many Ethernet deployments, most of the issues I have to deal with are adjacent to ISE (i.e. Windows machine/user auth, Endpoint remote reimage, RDP access, how to properly deal with non-802.1x devices...).

I think having such document/training will greatly help us to avoid common issues that arises in Ethernet deployments (sometimes months after the project is started, so creating cust frustration). This will become even more relevant as SDA/DNA gets traction.


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Cisco Employee

Re: Ethernet deployment best practices

We have a tremendous lot of information of designs/how to and best practices,

Check out the ISE section in the following link

Cisco Employee

Re: Ethernet deployment best practices

Thanks Danny, this is exactly the point.

We have lots of dispersed information. What I was looking for is something consolidating what is useful in a very specific and common scenario (Ethernet deployments).

Cisco Employee

Re: Ethernet deployment best practices

I understand what your saying but there are just so many features and ways deployments can be done , there is no RIGHT way cause it really comes down to the requirements that varies among customers.