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ISE Smart Call Home - what does it really do?



I have asked this question before but I kind of answered my own question by saying that SCH is used to enabled Smart Licensing in Transport mode.  As far as I can see, that's all it's really needed for ... when it works - which most of the time it doesn't.  I have TAC case and this thing is up and down like a yo-yo.  It's so bad that I am having to bypass the Smart Licensing Satellite server and go direct to Cisco internet.  Our ISE nodes have to use an internet proxy and this is half the problem, since ISE's proxy implementation is not quite robust.  Consider yourself lucky if you don't have to configure a Proxy in ISE.


Smart Licensing aside, what is the real benefit/use of enabling Smart Call Home in a customer deployment? 

The text on the ISE GUI says "Smart call home (SCH) provides the ability to send alerts and notifications when an issue is detected."

In ISE case I don't see that happening at all.  My nodes can fail all over the place and I don't get notified. What is an "issue" anyway?


If I think of a Cisco router/switch use case then I think of scenarios where Cisco informs me pro-actively that some part is about to fail - that is a Smart thing.  Or to automatically open a TAC case when something happens.


I am tempted to turn this feature off until I am convinced that it's worth having.

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Cisco Employee

Re: ISE Smart Call Home - what does it really do?

Hi Arne,

Regarding the first issue, it looks like you're hitting this defect


Smart licensing aside, Cisco Smart Call Home is an automated support capability that provides continuous monitoring, proactive diagnostics, alerts, and remediation recommendations on select Cisco devices. Smart Call Home can help identify and resolve issues more quickly to achieve higher network availability and increased operational efficiency. Source


I tried to configure this in my setup  on ISE 2.4 without smart licensing turned on, and it sent out an email to register a device. I'm trying to complete this and will share if alerting system and remediation recommendation part works.



~Jatin Katyal
VIP Advocate

Re: ISE Smart Call Home - what does it really do?

Hi Jatin


That bug was created because of the TAC case I raised.  It's strange to think that only one customer in the whole world has run into this issue. 


We registered our nodes months ago but we have never had a single email sent to the contact address we listed.  I would be interested if you have a different experience.

In that time we have had major alarms pop up, reboots, application restart, licensing violations, etc.