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My Device; Edit entry. Software version addition

We have imported our contract information and added some manually. When we attempt to add our software version the search tool never returns a match. Is there an example or can somebody provide an example for what the field is looking for?

See below for an example that does not work.



Software Version 16.03.01a
 Unable to validate software version
VIP Engager

Re: My Device; Edit entry. Software version addition

Hi @les_davis 


The Software Version field is an optional and user-defined value.  Cisco just put it there as a nice to have.  There is no ordered list that you can select versions from.   It's just a text input field that accepts any string of text you put into it.  Same applied to Model Name.


I have never seen a need to populate this value, because I would not need to make custom Policy Sets that involve the version of a NAS, for example.  ISE builds an internal list from all the unique values that you end up typing in there. And then makes it available in drop down list for future use.  You can create your own arbitrary Device attributes too (e.g. Device Buiding, Device Floor, Device Colour, etc.)






VIP Engager

Re: My Device; Edit entry. Software version addition

I like to create one to differentiate between "monitor" and "enforcement" policies in TrustSec.