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RADIUS Log not showing



Trying to setup iPSK but having issues not seeing the radius logs, they are not showing.


This is my lab, fresh install of 2.2 with patch 15.


I have seen there was an issue which required patch 4, but I'm guessing that bug fix is in patch 15 as well or do I need to install patch 4.


Compared all settings to live ISE.


The AAA is showing in logging, so doesn't need injecting.



VIP Advocate

Re: RADIUS Log not showing

Any fix found in patch 1 through 14 will be included in patch 15 baring any rare regression or mistakes in code. So patch 15 should be what you are on.

Are you seeing anything from the WLC in the ISE RADIUS live logs? If not, are you seeing any alarm on the dashboard for unknown NADs?

Re: RADIUS Log not showing

Just checked, not appearing in in Live Logs or Session Logs.

Does appear in Endpoints, and has profiled the 3 devices, also shows in active endpoints.



VIP Advocate

Re: RADIUS Log not showing

That's indicative of a database issue on the ISE MNT side of the house. I am currently working with TAC on a similar issue but am not far enough along to provide any helpful information.

I would also recommend you open up a TAC case for this, the symptoms you mention indicate an underlying issue we very likely won't be able to solve on the forums.

Re: RADIUS Log not showing

For what it's worth, I've had similar issue in my ISE 2.3 deployments where the MnT stopped collecting data and the system health would shown unavailable for nodes. Rebooting the MnTnode fixes the issue, but haven't found a root cause yet.