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ALGO 8188 ceiling speaker is registered to CUCM 12.5. The ring feature is working fine, but the paging feature is not working. When I call the page number, it is busy and drop. Checked the syslog, I can see the call make to paging number but there is...

I am attempting to get netconf working between an IE-5000 and DNA Center.  After enabling netconf-yang, the switch will not open port 830 to allow netconf communication.  I have read and followed numerous guides Cisco has provided, but none have led ...

Hi All,       Regarding Cisco Ultra Reliable Wireless Backhaul topology , I have a query on configurations as well as connectivity mode. Consider a scenario , a moving vehicle has 3 FM 4500 Mobi radios, connecting to way side radio(FM 4500Mobi radios...

1. Can Cyber vision alert on anomalies in the machine  functioning  and not about the way the machine is communicating? i.e - If the machine is supposed to work at 50 degrees, and for some reason the machine is now working at 100 degrees, will cyber ...

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I’m attempting to put our IOT Amazon Thermostats on a VLAN with a restricted ACL. It allows access to Internet, DNS, and DHCP. Deny access to all other Vlans and devices. The ACL I have works on test PC’s place on the Vlan. But when connecting the th...

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