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Hi,I have a problem with IE-3200 and 802.1x where I try to authenticate PC with certificate via Windows NPS in server side. IOS XE version is 17.6.2, I had originally version 16.12.4, but I did upgrade as it was not working there, but no help.Same co...

I have been researching Cisco IG20R Rugged Series IoT Gateways and other similar models. I wanted to know if we can control the devices (example PLCs) connected to the IoT Gateway or we can only monitor the status of the device. I am looking to buy a...

rpatel1 by Level 1
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HelloIn case someone has already made this configuration, it is possible to create VRFs on an IE5000 with Key LAN Base Software?In the device datasheet, it indicates that for VRF-lite functionality IP services license is required. But the switch give...

All: Give the recent security advisories on the IE3000/IE4000/IE2000:    One might ask:  When can we expect to see an IP/Ethernet(MAC) ACL available to restrict communications with the CIP / EthernetIP and/or ProfiNet functions (which run on the cont...

Resolved! ESS3300 and Macsec

Hi there, Is the Cisco TrustSec Macsec ("Cisco SAP") supported in the ESS3300-switches? According to the release notes it should be supported I reckon, but for some reason I fail to configure it:

walfors by Level 1
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Hi I need to connect a Linux client using 4g to a remote Cisco Router that have a static ip pubblic can anybody give me a sample configuration ?I can use the anyconnect client on Linux machine the cisco router is a CP-1111 series with  cisco IOS XE 1...

AlexBar76 by Level 1
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