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Cannot communicate with IE1000 once it is connected to a Cisco 2960

Good afternoon,


We have very recently purchased a Cisco IE1000. It has been configured with IP with no default gateway (as there is no route out of the network). There is no DHCP on this network, and therefore everything is given a static IP.


A laptop, given a static IP in the same subnet, connected via a standard CAT5e ethernet cable directly to the IE1000 can load the GUI and therefore can manage the router.


However, if we take the very same cable coming from the IE1000 and plug that into a port on a Cisco 2960, then plug the laptop into any other port on the 2960, we can no longer access the IE1000.


This IE1000 is replacing a rail mounted switch from a different manufacturer because it died, and whilst waiting for the IE1000 to arrive, we were using a domestic switch with the same ethernet cable as a temporary measure and were able to access its GUI just fine.


Is there something I need to configure on the IE1000 because it is connected to another switch?

Albert Mitchell
Cisco Employee



this reads like a vlan problem on the C2960.  you don't need a Default GW for the IE1000. 


are you sure the two interfaces on the C2960 are in the same vlan?    is the vlan configuration on the IE1000 matching the C2960? 


is the IP Address of hte C2960 in the same subnet?   can the laptop ping that ip address.?

Our 2960 is managed by an external company, so I have no method of making any changes to that myself. However, the previous rail mounted switch and domestic switch (both non-Cisco brands) worked, so is it still probable to be a VLAN issue?

based on the information provided, it seems like a vlan issue.  the company managing the C2960 could probably tell you.


when you claim the previous switches worked, that could mean many things.  they have been connected to different vlans on the C2960 and still worked. 


if you reconnect the laptop to the IE1000, look for the LLDP output from teh C2960.  that could tell you more about the vlans on teh C2960.  assuming C2960 has LLDP enabled.


i think for the IE1000 to work, the interface connected to the C2960 has to have the same vlan configured on it as teh C2960.  it would be best if you could get that information to ensure vlans are matching correctly for switch to switch interfaces. 



paul driver
VIP Mentor


switch -switch connections in some cases may require a crossover cable if the ports are not mdix compatible

Also the 2960 could have spanning- tree bpduguard enabled that will disable the 2960 port is it receives bpdu frame from the IE1000


on the 2906 post it’s status

sh interface xx status

sh vlan brief

kind regards

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