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How add an Firewall to Industrial Network Director ?

Hello everyone.


For some time I have been working in a laboratory with IND, in which I have already been able to add Switches such as IE3000, IE4010 and IE5000 to the topology.


However, when I try to add an ISA Firewall or an ASA Firewall, the device icon is added, but it does not link to the other devices.


I already configured SNMP on the Firewalls from FMC. I add an image of what the topology looks like.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

@MauricioSantana23168 Sorry for the delay in seeing this question.

The best option here would be to gather the topology discovery logs so we can see why the links are not being discovered and shown.


1. Change the application log level to DEBUG.

The setting can be found under Settings->System Settings -> Log Levels


2. Do a manual topology discovery

Go to Operate -> Topology and click on “Discovery Topology” button


3. Wait for the newly triggered topology discovery task to get completed. Can be found under the tasks page.


4. Go to topology page again and check if the links are shown.


5. If not, download the Tech Support Bundle and upload here.

The option can be found under Help icon (?)->Download Logs


6. Revert the application log level to INFO once you have downloaded the tech support bundle.