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Migrating Cisco ASA 5525 to new ASA FTD using FMT and FMCv and remove from FMCv without losing configuration

Hi All,

I am replacing an existing ASA 5525 device with new ASA 5525 FTD. All configuration need to migrate into new box.


After successfully perform the migration (Using Firepower Migration Tool (FMT) and a temporary Virtual Firepower Management Center (FMCv), now I need to remove the FTD from the temporary FMC, without losing the configuration.



I did delete the FTD from FMC (Devices/Device Management) and access the FTD thru Console and enable local Manager (> Configure Manager Local). After restart the FTD, all migrated configuration gone and its in factory status (except Management Interface Config).


Existing ASA -  Hardware: ASA5525, 8192 MB RAM, CPU Lynnfield 2394 MHz, 1 CPU (4 cores), ASA Version 9.8(3)29 

New ASA - Cisco ASA5525-X Threat Defense (75) Version (Build 7)

FMC - Cisco Firepower Management Center for VMWare Software Version 6.6.1


Is there any workaround that i can remove the FTD from FMC, without losing the configuration?

Appreciate the help.



Peter Koltl
Rising star

Do you mean you need the configuration on FTD after it is removed from FMC? That is, a standalone FTD (managed by on-the-box FDM).  FTD config is wiped when switched to unmanaged. I don’t think there is a method to migrate the configuration to FDM.

VIP Advisor

Just a thought.


you have vFMC for testing and you have all the policies deployed on FTD by using the migration tool. now you want to move this FTD in to production so you do not lose the configuration.


why dont you make sure the FMC on testing and on Production are same version. than you can take the backup copies of vFMC and restore in to FMC production for FTD.

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