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Accelerator kit for IAC 3.1?

Hi all

In another thread, I read something about the accelerator kit being in the plans for the Cisco IAC 3.1 version. When should it be released?

Thanks in advance


We are working on the plan now and are targeting end of January to have a Multi-Cloud kit available for 3.1 concurrent with the release of Cisco IAC 3.1.1.

Thanks for the reply, Derek. We are a ATP partner in Brazil and we already have IAC 3.1 installed in our labs. Particularly interested in the Openstack integration.

Thank you

Hi Derek,

I have a partner in the same situation. January is over (by one day). Any insight about the possible availability ?

I guess the differences in the data model between 3.0.2 and 3.1 prevents from using MCAK 2.0.2 on CIAC 3.1. Right ?

Chuyen, that's right. The Cloud Object Model changed significantly between SE 3.0.2 and IAC 3.1. The next iteration of the Multi-Cloud solution accelerator is being reworked to fit neatly into IAC 3.1.1 extension points in CP and PO. The intention (accelerator kits are not program-governed) is for this next revision to be available in the weeks (early March) following the IAC 3.1.1 on Feb. 15th.

Hi Lee,

Thanks for your confirmation.

Is it worthy to install the available MCAK to understand the logic or is there a complete change ?

If positive, what should I take on CIAC 3.0.1 ? 1.7 or 2.2 ?

I guess 1.7 since CIAC 3.0.1 is running CCP 9.3.2 and CPO 2.3.4.

Hi Chuyen,

If you're familiar with the shift in the Cloud Object Model design from Starter Edition to IAC 3.1, which revolves primarily around the introduction of new constructs like PODs and VDCs, you'll have the general sense for the logic changes in the Multi-Cloud solution accelerator as it adjusts its design to match with that of IAC 3.1. Here's an overview of those construct changes from Starter Edition to IAC 3.1.

It'd be good to have Derek weigh-in here.


As Lee has indicated the biggest change to MCAK is that it will align to the IAC 3.1 POD/VDC model. The model for MCAK 1.7/2.02 introduced its own VDC construct and is simila,r but implemented very differently. For that reason the CP content has been completely rewritten, and although there has been little change to underlying platform-specific workflows, they now fit more seamlessly into CIAC's OOTB service delivery workflows. The new MCAK makes use of both CP and PO extension points, no longer requiring replacement of OOTB content. This, in turn, will make initial deployment a lot easier, and be much easier to upgrade in the future as new IAC releases come out.

As far as availability, an early release of MCAK for 3.1 will be available on request in late February, about a week after the CIAC 3.1.1 release. We expect to post the kit for wider distribution in early March.

With regards to installing the Starter Edition version of MC, at this point, I only recommend using the latest 2.0.2 MCAK with CIAC 3.0.2 (CP 9.4/PO 9.3.4). If you are interested in the specific platform implementations, the exercise could be useful, but if you are primarily trying to understand the cloud model and how it accomodates multiple connections and platform types, you should definitely wait for MCAK 3.1.1.

Hope that helps.