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Allow unscheduled Option not Working

my understanding for this option when it is unchecked or cleared the job cannot be run as on-demand. originally i have 2 jobs in a group and these 2 jobs do not have scheduled setup they are run on-demand run by an email event. i added a 3rd job that makes them 3 in the group. this 3rd job is scheduled to run on the 25th of each month. when i tried to run the job group i see that the 3rd job is also inserted in the scheduler (job activity window).

how do i prevent the 3rd job to be inserted in the scheduler? please advise thank you.

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Lumi Mihalcea
Level 1
Level 1

I am not sure I understand why you would have a scheduled job within an unscheduled group. You might have your reason but I don't think the way you have it set up is going to work because this job becomes a child in the parent group; when the group is scheduled, the schedule of the 3rd job is going to be ignored. My understanding for the option 'allow unscheduled' is that when checked, any job, scheduled or unscheduled, can be inserted in the schedule; if you uncheck it on a scheduled job, then you will not be able to insert it in the schedule as ad hoc. If you want the 3rd job to run only on the 25th of the month and there are no other requirements, then schedule it by itself, without being part of a group.

Originally there are 2 jobs in a group and this group is run on-demand run by email event. Both of the child job does not have a schedule. A third job is created schedule to be run only on 25th of each month and it's allow unscheduled check box is unchecked on the option tab.

What happens is that when you call the job group all of the child job are inserted in the scheduler.

OK, so you have 1 group with 3 jobs, correct? 2 of the jobs do not have a schedule because they're triggered by an email event; the 3rd one has a schedule to run only on the 25th of the month. If that's the case, what I am trying to say is that the schedule on the 3rd job will be ignored as long as this job is part of a group that does not have a schedule. I bet if you click on the Forecast button, it's empty. As long as the job with a calendar is part of the unscheduled group, the schedule for the 25th of the month will be ignored and the job will be inserted in the schedule the day when an email will trigger the group. What I suggested was to take the job with a schedule out of that group and leave it on it's own; then you'll have 1 group without a schedule, to be inserted when an email arrives, and a separate job, with a calendar to run only on the 25th of the month. If you need to, you can add other dependencies to the job running on the 25th.

that's correct 1 group with 3 jobs. the group, 1st and 2nd job does not have a schedule while the 3rd job has a schedule. i understand what you are trying to explain actually i have the same job run on a separate group - replicate of the 3rd job.

basically the help says:

Allow Unscheduled -Enables you to insert the job into the production schedule on an as-needed basis. The default is that unscheduled occurrences are allowed. If you do not want the job to run on an ad hoc basis, you can clear this option to prevent non-scheduled submissions.

i found out how it works when i inserted the group as scheduled the 3rd job did not inserted. the option unchecked allow unscheduled applies if the job is attempted to insert as schedule. if it is inserted as unscheduled the option will be ignored. thank you.