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Integration CPSC and CPO

Hey guys. I am Roshan. While working on CPSC-CPO integration I am struck with "Message Routing Exeception" error.  I am trying to connect my CPO through CPSC. While starting the process through SOAPUI software, the process is getting triggered at CPO...

DevNet Discussion Forum

We are transition our discussion forum to the new forum.  This forum will continue to be available, until there is no more activities on it.  But, I would recommend everyone to start switching to use the new forum. Here is the link to the new forum....

Tuan Tran by Cisco Employee
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My Orchestration server constantly displays the following cscript error.  I'm unable to see the corresponding PID to determine the process.  Even if I do find the process, how will I work out the CPO process that is causing this issue.  I'm new to CP...

Sue.Samuel by Beginner
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Resolved! Find user who ran job

Hi All, I am trying to find out what user ran a job on a specific day. I have the job number. From the client I can only tell who the runtime user was. After reading some of the similar discussions, am I correct in assuming I need to run a query on ...

gkinley by Beginner
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Windows Server 2012 R2 agent

I've installed the Cisco Workload Automation (Tidal) agent on a server, and the agent starts, but I get this error over and over again: Exception writing to logfile C:\Program Files (x86)\TIDAL\Agent\TIDAL_AGENT_1\logs\_TIDAL_AGENT_1.log : Exception...

tony.rice by Beginner
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Linux Licencing Question: What is the difference between L-TESAGUX3-NP-K9 & SWSS UPGRADES TES Agent 3.0 For Unix HP,Sol or AIX

Hello, Environment: Windows/Linux VM clustered I am working on adding a Sandbox to our environment and was quoted for both of the below: L-TESAGUX3-NP-K9CWA Agent For Unix HP, Solaris or AIX & CON-ECMU-LTESAGUNSWSS UPGRADES TES Agent 3.0 For Unix HP...