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Resolved! Service item for License

Hi all. Quick question:Is there any problem if I remove all lines from the System Setup -> System Service License and them request a new license refresh at the portal? I'd like to do it if that would not break anything. I'm still installing CIAC and ...

Resolved! Tidal as an FTP server?

Does Tidal have the capapcity to act as an FTP server, or would a 3rd party software be required?   I am investigating the possibility of using our Tidal infrastructure to not only manage our FTP's but to act as the server and internal landing zone a...

Resolved! Load URL flag using CLI?

I was wondering if anyone happened to know the flag in CLI to switch "Load URL" in runbook on and off in 5.3.  In the CLI manual I can see -r able to update the runbook text, but I don't see anything to flag the load URL as on or off. Thanks!

Browngord by Beginner
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How to Configure approval

Hi,I want to configure approvals on a service only for VSO. So I add an approval in Authorizations tab and I put this on the condition field: "Approval"="Approval" and "SIBDApprovals.OTAApproval"="Yes".I checked that the value of OTAApproval is "Yes"...

TES batch jobs update

We need to update some jobs in batch (for example change path in the command field of similar jobs). Is there  way to update it automatically directly in the DB. The number of jobs is about 5000.We are running oracle now and use external cache DB.  W...

Select from SQL Server Activity

Hi,I'm using the Select from SQL Server Activity in CPO to look up some values in a table, straightforward SQL queries like select * from Table work 100% but when I start applying a WHERE clause to the query it fails to return the results even though...

craigc by Beginner
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