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Hi All,Our Tidal application is not refreshing periodically. Every 30 mins i have to close and open the application to see the updated job status.Tidal Version: 5.3.1Master: Unix          Is there way to avoid this issue. Any help will be greatly app...

tlakshma1 by Level 1
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Resolved! Check file exists

What's the best way to check that a file exists?I notice there is no built in check for this, so what do most people do?Is it best to just execute "if not exists" and exit with a non zero code?Example:if not exist C:\windows\regedit.exe exit /b 1

STOps9487 by Level 1
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Hi,We are considering CIAC for an IaaS project. Although Process Orchestrator has a lot of built-in processses, I still think there is a lot of work to do to make it work and have functions applicaple for an IaaS services. For example, I have took a ...

If I have an SFTP job with the "Replace files" option unchecked, and I had a file called "File A" with 15 bytes SFTPed over 15 minutes ago, and I have another file with the SAME filename but bigger size say 50 bytes, when I attempt an SFTP, would it ...

rohitgopi by Level 1
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Hi all. Quick question:Is there any problem if I remove all lines from the System Setup -> System Service License and them request a new license refresh at the portal? I'd like to do it if that would not break anything. I'm still installing CIAC and ...

Does Tidal have the capapcity to act as an FTP server, or would a 3rd party software be required?   I am investigating the possibility of using our Tidal infrastructure to not only manage our FTP's but to act as the server and internal landing zone a...