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Resolved! Upgrading the DB hostname

Hi,There was a recent database migration of the host from one DC to another DC, due to which we have to update the DB host name for both Process Database and Reporting Database.Updating the Process Database was pretty straight forward using the Tidal...

gputhota by Cisco Employee
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CIAC-Hidden fields not taking Javascript-based values in Outbound Request Parameter

HiWe are working on CIAC 9.4 hosted on Windows 2008 Server. We have been using  Free Form/Service based Dictionaries. We  also use HTTP/WS Adapter and Listener with the corresponding Transformation created (Outbound/Inbound). We saw an issue in the O...

Timeout issue with Terminal Adapter

Hi All,I am using Terminal Adapter in my workflows & in some of the workflows I am getting a strange issue.Although the underlying command within execute activity, completes in 5 mins, the activity doesn't return & waits for timeout to exit.Please le...

apriydar by Cisco Employee
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Multiple values in where clause(IN) of select query in Cisco Cloud Portal using single field

I can actually pass multiple values in the IN statement of select query using multiple dictionary fields in the data retrieval rule of the AFC in Cisco cloud portal like#dictionary.field1# = 1 and#dictionary.field2#=2select col1,col2 from table1 wher...

jaisys001 by Beginner
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Powershell vs Tidal6

Hi,I'm working on automating some excel work using powershell. Environment is TES 6.0.3 on solaris with the agent on a windows7 x64 system.The job calls a simple one-line bat script which is "powershell -command c:\tidal\autoexcel.ps1".The script wor...