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Can we do a fresh install of TES 6.2.1 on a new server, but point to an database currently used by the older version (v5.3.x)

The current database is 2.5 gb, but it is already on SQL Server 2008, and doesn’t need to be upgraded.


In reading the documentation, it looks like the installer can install a fresh copy, which I’m assuming creates the requisite tables in the database.  It can also update an existing install, along with updating the database table structure.  What we weren’t sure of was if it could do a fresh install on a new server, but point to an database currently used by the older version of tidal.  It does say ‘The database modifications are performed when the master is first started after the installation.’ in the upgrade section of 6.2.1 Quickstart Page 6-5.  Hopefully that works regardless of if it was an upgrade or a fresh install.


Joe Fletcher

Easy way would be to install 5.3.1 on your new server and just run an upgrade installation.

I am in the similar situation.  Our current TES 5.3.1 database is on SQL 2008 but the new server we are going to install TES 6.2.1 is on Windows 2012 R2.  Do you know if 5.3.1 can be installed on Windows 2012 R2 server and perform the upgrade afterwards?  Thanks.

We worked with one of their partners gssinfotech to create a custom runbook for "upgrade in place"

I think you might have to go to SQL2012 with 6.2.1 (there's a ton of benefits like always on that make BCP/DR with Tidal very smooth.) We've been Tidal 6 /SQL2012 for a while now so I forget. we're about 80% done with our 5.3.1 conversion

  • We restore our 5.3.1 admiral database to a sandbox SQL2012 server, run some cleanup script (if not upgrade in place, don't forget to set queue to zero and disable all jobs)
  • We installed a tidal Master then run every major rev and point to that database. (6.0,6.1,6.2,6.2 sp1)
  • The database gets upgraded during the process (we have some trouble with our "older" 531 so we do the same thing each time)

We then can use transporter to transport "legacy" 531 jobs to our pristine Tidal 6.2.1 (non-prod ) environment so we can take advantage of mapping files, etc. to switch things as needed

This gives a lot of flexibility to moving things in when one piece or job set at a time.. we use it to move job frameworks into nonprod Tidal 6 so that developers and other groups can review / asses / rewrite / test /  their jobs on tidal 6.




Thank you for your reply.  This information is very useful to us.  We will give it a try with your suggestions.  I will provide feedback after we have tested in our sandbox environment.  Thank you once again for your suggestions.



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