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Cancel Pending - TES 6.1.0

Has anyone worked with trying to apply the status of Cancel Pending with TES 6.1.0?

We have a process that goes out to a third party API to check for for files.

The API will come back with -1 when no files are available.

We have a need that if file "a" is available it is to be processed first before file "b".

If file "a" is not available we can then go ahead and process file "b".

We created an event on the process that checks for files for file "a"  accessing the api of our third party vendor to cancel

pending when it had a status of -1.   Our thought process being that the job depending on file "a" would

then be released to run. 

However, when we run this scenario - Tidal would change the status of the first job to cancel pending and then within a

split second change the status to completed abnormally.  The successor job would not run as the previous

job has a status of completed abnormally.

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