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ConvertTo-SecureString : The system cannot find the file specified.

I have a Tidal job that executes a PowerShell script.  The encrypted password is stored in a password file on the application server.  In the PowerShell script, there is the line below that gets the contents of the password file.

    $encryptPW = Get-Content "C:\Program Files\MyCompany\MyApp\encryptPW.txt" | ConvertTo-SecureString

On my development enviroment, Tidal was referencing the Agent/Adapter (app server name) and the Runtime User (domain\userID) fine.  The script was executing well  until recently when the Tidal server was rebooted.  After the reboot, the PowerShell script execution is erroring out with the message "ConvertTo-SecureString : The system cannot find the file specified."  It appears that when the PowerShell script is executed from Tidal, it is unable to find the password file using the Runtime User specified in the Tidal job.

The Runtime User has the proper access on the application server because we must sign-on as that user in order to generate the password file to hold the encrypted password for the Runtime User.

It is as if Tidal is not passing the right credentials when it is executing the PowerShell script.  Has anyone come across this issue?

Marc Clasby

If you rebooted then it may be possible that your remoting setup was reset, was session based, or winrm service was set to manual, etc.

Try these on the server that was rebooted

get-service winrm

Status        Name               DisplayName                          

------            ----                    -----------                          

Running      winrm              Windows Remote Management (WS-Manag... get-service winrm

Check execution policy settings:

get-executonpolicy if this is restricted... you'll have problems

you can try enable-psremoting you should get:

WinRM is already set up to receive requests on this computer.

WinRM is already set up for remote management on this computer.

We use a similar setup however we use a certificate (installed on agent)  and password file w/ thumbprint (on central drive) to run with alternative credentials


I have a similar issue but I am not using tidal. I am calling the script(similar command to yours) from a Website(App Pool for the Website uses the same Service Account as when the password file was made). Both the website and the location of the script are on the same server. This will work for a while and then stop working for the website to call this script and will error stating "ConvertTo-SecureString : The system cannot find the file specified". I then run the powershell script from the powershell console with run as the Service account that made the file and will work fine. After I ran it once from powershell console I will then call it again from the website and will work for few weeks again.

I am wondering if what is causing Tidal job to break would be the same thing that is breaking mine.




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