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Global Settings for Time Zones, Calendards, Holidays

Global Settings for Time Zones, Calendards, Holidays

I am posting this on behalf of a YES customer. Please let us know if this is a priority for you, as well.


We need a way to globally set the date and time format as well as the default timezone for all new users added to the system? We would like the date format to always be in European format (GMP -day/month/year etc.). Also, people not checking their timezone settings is really messing up escalations and task durations in relation to business hours etc. If we could configure RC to always use a specific timezone for new user adds it would save lots of customer satisfaction issues.

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Hi all,

We've done this for Date Format only using a SQL trigger when we implemented last year.  We also found the US-date format not suitable when the bulk of users are outside the US and the inability to set it was worrying.  We've set it from

mm/dd/yyyy (06/18/2009)


DD/MMM/YYYY (06/JUN/2009)

I've attached the SQL trigger for it:

USE [DB Name]
/****** Object:  Trigger [dbo].[TR1DirPersonPreference]    Script Date: 08/25/2008 14:01:40 ******/

James Fuller

I would agree with the need to allow for a default within RequestCenter.  I also had requested that calendar timeframes should be a default setting that is available to change by the sys admin.

Holidays brings up a whole other issue.  Holidays are first company specific, then location specific.  So there needs to be a set of default holidays that apply to all users and queues.  Then there should be custom holidays that can be applied to other types of groups.  This would allow for market specific h

Tylor Hagerman

Couldn't you effectively configure a specific time zone for all users by hardcoding a value with an expression in the LDAP directory mapping for the time zone value? Although doing that would overwrite any different value they try to select every time they log in.

I definitely agree that global holiday settings are a good idea, changing for each queue is a significant overhead on a yearly basis

2nd this functionality...already filed an enhancement request years ago.

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