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How to run a job group mult x per day M-F but only 1x on the weekend

I currently have a job group that runs M-F, repeating several times each day. I'd like to now have this same group also run on Sat and Sun only once for these days. Is this possible on a single job group configuration or must I create a 2nd copy of the group and apply a weekend calendar with no repeat? I'm trying to avoid copying the group because I assume any changes I make to the group I'd then have to make twice? One approach I'm trying to figure out is if I can trigger the group to run on Sat and Sun via variable trigger and hoping this will not cause it to repeat in this case?

Marc Clasby


What version are you running?

In 5.31, what I would do is to have the main set M-F then use a different job (like a cmd echo or powershell write-host) on weekends that inserts the MF set at the time you want with a job event \ job insert action. This would override the time and execute when you want (you could probably just use one for  SAT, SUN). we do similar things to avoid maintenance windows.

You might lose any downstream dependecies if the original is in a nested group but that might even work with a slight modification to the job depdency with the match occurance check box (relative to group, otherwise, for day) option

It would be best if tidal let you add multiple calendars to one job, not sure if that is in the works but it should be on their radar.


  thanks Marc, we are on TES 6, this is also the approach I had in mind and probably the way I'll go with it. -m            

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