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How to schedule a daily repeating job to not run on Sunday 6am - 12pm


Hello Everyone,

I'm having some logic challenges when setting up a daily repeating job that runs every 15 minutes to not run on Sunday between 6am - 12pm. 

Environment: TIdal 6.0.3/ Windows

My first thought was to create 2 Variables:

Tidal_Maintenence_StartTime, string 05:30:00:000

Tidal_Maintenance_EndTime, String, 12:00:00:000

Then create 2 action variables
Stop Job launching using Variable: Tidal_Maintenence_StartTime, value False

Start job launching using Variable: Tidal_Maintenance_EndTime, value True

I don't think I have the logic down to continue. I thought I would jus share my thoughts and see if someone could help me build a good foundation logic and assist with tasks. thanks in advance. 



Have you reviewed this thread ?

Thank you for the reply Dinesh.  We currently have some jobs already scheduled.  What I wanted to accomplish is to modify the scheduling behavior of  jobs already in production. 

I was thinking that if we create jobs so they don't run during that timeframe, We wont have to worry about job issues as we grow.  So in the future, no jobs will be scheduled during the maintenance timeframe.

Cale Montgomery

Hi, Jeff.  I'm new to Tidal, but I'd like to offer a suggestion (which hopefully won't come off as naive).

Have you considered creating a dependency on a global "May_This_Job_Run" variable?  Create a job which sets that variable to False at 6:00am Sunday, and then back to True at 12:00pm.

This will lock the daily repeating job in a Waiting on Dependency state during the down time.  Setting the "If job is currently running" option to 'skip' should prevent any new occurrences from launching during that time frame.

Once the "May_This_Job_Run" variable is set to True, the held occurrence should run and allow scheduling to resume as normal...

Hello Cale,

Thanks for the tip.  Check out my results above.


Thanks for sharing your ideas.  I'll be trying to test this within the week.  hopefully I can get this rolling.