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IAC 3.0.2 with MCAK 2.02 Catalog Deployment issue

I have a working IAC 3.0.2 environment hooked up to vCenter and have completed the onboarding process and configuration wizard to completion.

I am applying the MCAK 2.02. After completing step 5 of the deployment guide I am no longer able to order a VM through my onboarded CPTA. From order VM from template the VM template box is no longer populated. If I check in service item manager, all vcenter components are still there including VM template. I have continued with the MCAK deployment guide to the end but as steps 6 and 7 are reconfigure agents and update properties in elements and CPO targets it does not resolve the issue. It looks like deploying the MCAK catalogs broke the onboarding that has already been completed. Any ideas how to resolve?


Can you please clarify the specific problem with no longer being able to order a VM? Is it just that the dropdown on the order form is not showing any registered templates? Or is it something else?

From your description, it was not clear whether you completed Step 8. Multi-Cloud for Starter Edition introduced Organization VDCs and unless you set one up that includes your existing vCenter, you will not be able to order using that connection.

Also, have you checked out the FAQ? There is a JavaScript deployment issue, and it is important that you correct that; otherwise, results are unpredictable.

Hi Derek,

If I select modify organisation I can select my org name, assign a VDC name and select my vCenter cloud location. This populates the cloud platform as vCenter. However on Datacenter drop down it is empty (

Select the full path to the VMware vCenter datacenter that will contain virtual machines deployed from this organization VDC). If I go to create a new organisation I the Datacenter drop down is also empty. It seems like the vCenter resources I added before Multicloud have lost association from the organisation I am using.

Did you run CloudSync to collect the DataCenter information from vCenter and verify that it populated the DataCenter service item? If you haven't run this process, it is available from System Setup | Connections. If you did run it, please look at the orchestration process to ensure it completed successfully.

CloudSync for vCenter Fails when trying to get datastores/ resource pools/ networks and templates. PowerCLI fails with the following.

Error Information


Category: ObjectNotFound

ID: Core_ObnSelector_SetNewParameterValue_ObjectNotFoundCritical,VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Cmdlets.Commands.GetDatastore

Type: VMware.VimAutomation.Sdk.Types.V1.ErrorHandling.VimException.ObnRecordProcessingFailedException

Message: 3/6/2013 11:53:19 AM    Get-Datastore        Datacenter parameter: Could not find any of the objects specified by name.   

Get-Datastore : 3/6/2013 11:53:19 AM    Get-Datastore        Datacenter paramet

er: Could not find any of the objects specified by name.   

At C:\Windows\Temp\PO_WorkingDir_abdad9eb-08b6-41ab-95fb-ec9d42cdaa8f\PO_PSScri

pt_abdad9eb-08b6-41ab-95fb-ec9d42cdaa8f.ps1:45 char:30

+   $datastores = Get-Datastore <<<<  -Datacenter "$vCenterDatacenter"

    + CategoryInfo          : ObjectNotFound: ([] Datacent

   er:RuntimePropertyInfo) [Get-Datastore], ObnRecordProcessingFailedExceptio 


    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Core_ObnSelector_SetNewParameterValue_ObjectNotF


I have connected through powerCLI and ran Get-Datastore -Datacenter and it returns the datastore list ok. vCenter and PowerCLI are 5.0. I have checked the service item for Datacenter Name and it is present. Also in CCP view transactions I see the Datacenter name being passed to CPO.

I checked the PoweCLI script for the following Process which is failing

Discover Infrastructure > vCenter Datastores > PowerCLI script

I see the script has received 5 arguments which are populated correctly






however the script is also expecting another argument which is not passed into the script arguments


Where is this argument populated from? I couldn't find it in CPO and in CCP under Service Items > CloudSync for vCenter > vCenter Datacenter. Datacenter Name and Datacenter Path are populated.

What version of the CloudSync Utilities TAP do you have? There were some fixes for this TAP that came out on Jan 15 as Please send me an e-mail ( if you'd like me to send it to you.

Also, you should be using PowerCLI version 5.1. I believe this is what IAC requires.

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