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Job schedule

Need Confirmation on this !!

I want one job to run twice daily at 9AM and 1PM. Am I maintaing the correct schedule as per the attached screenshot.

Will it matter if I remove 01:00 PM under time specification and just mention 'repeat job in 240 mins upto 2 times' ??

Is it compulsory to provide the 'estimated duration' under Run tab , because until the job runs for the first time how would one estimate the time it takes to complete ??


Any suggestions please....??

Tracy Donmoyer

With an end time of 1pm specified, I don't think the second instance will run because it will be scheduled to start at 1pm and also end at 1pm.

I you specify repeat up to 2 times with no end time, I believe that will cause it to run three times.  I'd remove the end time and specify repeat up to 1 times.

Good luck.

Under Tidal online help, I read this-"

For example, if a job’s time window begins at 12:00 PM, and the job is defined to run  every hour up to 4 times, the job

runs at 12:00 PM, 1:00PM, 2:00PM and 3:00PM."

According to this, if I mention repeat upto 2 times than the job would end up running 2 times only, not three.

I am confused here. please guide.

All I can suggest is to give it a try, perhaps with a test job, to see which is correct.

Repeat assumes the job already ran 1 time prior.  So repeat 1 would mean job will run 1 time + repeat 1 time = run two times total.  If you say no repeat that means job will only run once and NOT repeat.

Don't know how but I kept it like, repeat in 240 minutes and 2 times..and when I checkd the next day schedule it showed me 2 runs only, not 3.

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