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MCAK: Quantum, not Nova network

Level 1
Level 1

Hi all

I have Openstack Folson installed in my lab and its network piece is controlled by Quantum, not Nova network. I need my MCAK to get connected to it and detect networks, floating ip's, etc. Is that possible or we are supposed to have this working only with Nova network? My question is based on the deployment guide shipped with the latest MCAK zip vile, page 26, which shows a Multicloud Certification Lab Configuration where Nova network is present - not Quantum.

Thanks in advance.

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Level 4
Level 4

That is correct. OpenStack in MCAK only works with Nova network. We ran out of time (and resources) to implement the Quantum side of things. We are hoping that someone from the community might contribute additional content. Otherwise, we are attempting to line up resources to release Quantum support when we extend MCAK to work with Grizzly, but not sure when that would be at this point.

Thanks , Derek.

Another issue:

I try to register a POD to use my Openstack infrastructure and a virtualization manager option does not show up in that form(it should be in a dropdown box). Where should that option be ? What do I have to do to have that option in that dropbox? I have the infrastructure connected, according to CIAC's View Cloud Connection portlet.


There are a number of possible causes. I will reach out directly to you so we can troubleshoot via WebEx as that will be faster than trying to troubleshoot on the forum.

Thanks , Derek.