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Migrate Jobs from 5.3 to 6.1


We got to know Transporter can migrate jobs from one instance to another.

We installed Transporter 6.1 and successfully connected to 6.1 instance, but how to connect to 5.3?

What is the connection details should we give in the Transporter? Cant see any HTTP in 5.3


Yes we were able to migrate successfully. This is what we did,


1. Import database from old to new DB server

2. Copy TIDAL master root folder from old to new MT server

3. Run the SQL to inactive jobs

UPDATE quemst SET quemst_limit = 0 WHERE (quemst_id = 1);

4. Run the install.bin for upgrade master (make sure you use correct .bin, there is a different .bin for upgrade, bit confusing)

5. Before start master apply, make sure new upd.xml is copied, when starting it will update the database new version.

6. Install clientmgr as a new installation on other MT box.

Hope this helps.



Marc Clasby

Correct me if I am wrong but it seems you could leverage this technique in a demo envrionment "upgrade" with everything off and/or disabled and then "transport" to a pristine 6.1 envrionment (for example DEV with a mapping file to convert to dev variables) and achive a controlled migration to 6.1 from 5.3.1. (w/ db upgrade to 6.1)

We had originally planned on doing something similar but our dev/mgmt team are looking for 100% re-write. We do have some jobs that can migrate right over. This could help control the load increase and moving a few groups at a time into "prod" form a "non-prod" environment.


This is actually how we are planning to combine two of our PRD databases into one.  Upgrade both first then use transporter to move one to the other. 

We have not had a lot of Transporter experience and with all the other pressing matters we haven't put so much focus on Transporter.  I am hoping the Transporter fixes since the last time we looked at it will make it better once we pick it up for Phase two of our upgrade.

You may still get the alerts but you can change the system config Mail SMTP server to be a bogus server and you won't send emails at least


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