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Need Help:Regarding Case when we should receive an email if we haven't receive feed within SLA.

Hello Cisco Team/Everyone,

We are facing one major hurdle we need to configure a case when a email should be sent to business if the feed is not received within SLA.

At present what we can configure is if feed is being received within SLA then an email will be sent informing about the timely delievery of feed and if we receive feed after SLA then also an email will be sent to business informing that feed received late but if we haven't received the feed within SLA then please let us know how to configure Email Action ? ( informing that we haven't received the feed within SLA )


Marc Clasby

You have muliple solutions so we probably need more details

At a mininum you would want 2 different email events with different triggers and 2 different email actions

You may or may not have 2 different jobs

How we decided to handle:

We decided to create and ALERT Job Group for our SLA notifications/alerts

   (you can make it its own parent or integreate with another Job Group depeending on what makes sense to you)

We organized the next level by time windows in military time


  \0000_0259 <-- alerts that trigger between midnight and 3am (they line up top to bottom that way and visually progress)

If this is a file based alert you create a dependecy on the file not existing

Next put a Time Window on it lets say start at 12:15am and end at 1:00 am

Here's the counter intuitive part:

You create an event to send an email to business on job completed normally that the SLA was breached

          if the file didn't exist by 1am then this executes and completes normally

          We use powershell to write-output of text we want to send for that particular business unit

          We use in email action

You create an event to skip the job if job not ready by the end of its time window

          if the file existed then the depdendcy is not statisfied and job essentailly is not ready by end of time window 1am

          Operations teams consider "skipped" a "OK" status since we do it on purpose

Other options

You could also use exit codes to do similar things, if your process that is evaluating the SLA is produce different exit codes, Then you can apply different events to the exit codes

Hope that helps!



Thanks for this solution, and for posting to the Forum. We have also found this helpful at our installation.

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