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PSC/CPO AMQP Configuration

Hi All


I have seen the new capabilities listed to use AMQP to route requests from PSC to CPO instead of using the ServiceLink and WebService methods in the last few releases but have not been able to get this working.


I have seen that in the PSC 11 appliance the AMQP configuration is pre-configured to work with the internal orchestration components but I have not been successful in connecting a new PSC 11 install with a CPO instance.


A new public key was created in Administration, however it's not clear to me how to calculate the modulus and exponent as well as how they relate to the GUID, when trying to connect CPO using the GUID for this key I get a error 400.

I then tried using pre-existing modulus and exponent from the virtual appliance and got a slightly different error while trying to connect CPO:

Error while decoding OAEP padding (full error attached).


Is there anyone who has gotten this working or has step by step instructions to set this up? I have been through the guides but unfortunately there is just a very brief mention on where this configured and not how to go about it.


Thanks in advance,


Cisco Employee

Did you copy a VM that had

Did you copy a VM that had CPO already installed? Or something like that. You cannot "copy" a CPO installation, you need to install it fresh. (due to it's work with Windows SIDs and the runtime user security)


Sometimes it would work to just delete the runtime user and re-create it, but that's iffy. If you cannot get it to connect after trying the above, open a TAC case.

--Shaun Roberts
Technical Leader, CX

HiThanks for the response,


Thanks for the response, this is a vanilla install of both PSC and PO so don't think it's related to that.

The main thing that is unclear is how to go about doing the AMQP configuration from the beginning and how the Modulus and Exponent are calculated, I have also opened a TAC case to see if they can assist.

Cisco Employee

They can be vanilla, but if

They can be vanilla, but if you cloned a VM with it already installed or didn't fully uninstall CPO or DB some leftovers can be there. This error tends to point to that. Basically whenever we encode a password to the DB we use the SID for the windows box that CPO is installed on. If you cloned another box to use your current box or are using like a "golden vm" or something, then that can cause issues.


Just based on the error you screenshotted that's what it points to, but without seeing logs/etc hard to give a complete answer. TAC should be able to assist.



--Shaun Roberts
Technical Leader, CX

Thanks for the info, it was

Thanks for the info, it was however a brand new install of both applications on a new server 2012 instance using new databases, the issue only seems to be related to the AMQP connectivity between the applications, NSAPI and other interfaces all work correctly.


Will see what the outcome of the TAC call is.

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