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Questions on file transfer capabilities

1. We have a need to move files (multi-mega bytes) from one Unix system to another. 'GetFile' and 'PutFile' seems to use Tidal Windows system as a go between. Is there a way to accomplish unix to unix file transfer without going through Tidal Windows system?

2. When we execute a script using 'Execute Terminal Command' activity, the output of the execution is captured in the activity's 'output' buffer. Won't this buffer overflow when it attempts to capture multi-megabytes output? Assuming it overflows, is there an alternative? If it doesn't overflow, then is there a limit to the multi-megabytes that can be captured in the 'output' buffer?

3. Does Tidal support browser based GUI?


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Shaun Roberts
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

1. Probably need dev input on this... the activities do have to run on the orchestrator server

2. the buffer should be ok I think, i've never seen anyone "break" it, but if you do, open a ticket and we can work with dev

3. CPO has a web console. by default it should be @ http://:2081/TEOWebConsole

The webconsole is a "toned" down version of the master UI.

--Shaun Roberts
Principal Engineer, CX