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Recently I had Transporter Installed in My Dev Environment

          My intent is to control production thru an evolved process form Dev to Model and then Prod. Also as an Ancillary function, latter when I have time to use it in some type of DR function if needed to move jobs to some other location. My question is this: I want to use Transporter to forward migrate jobs to Model and Prod, so I had the Unix Engineer install it in the one spot, the DEV box. But I found out that I need Putty and X11 to manipulate the GUI, to make it work at all, its nothing like the installed TIDAL GUI, which was fairly easy to use and activate after installation, but I have no understanding why this product was not developed in the same way to make it more friendly. I have had to fill out forms at my company for Putty and X11, (which are forbidden software in a way or not within stanards). So now I take my Putty and tunnel to X11, which I believe turns on the Transporter Gui?  But also if this is so, then do  Ihave to map it to the other two envronments (Dev to Model) (Model to Prod)?    

Tracy Donmoyer

Yeah, Transporter works a bit differently.  You will need to read the "Transporter User Guide" for the finer details.

Transporter now connects to the Client Manager rather than directly to the database.  This means all the Client Managers need to be accessable from the Transporter server.  If your various environments are separated by firewalls (which is likely), you will need to permission the firewalls to allow the connection.

You may want to consider installing Transporter on a Windows server.  It will eliminate the need for Putty and X11.

Have fun.

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