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Regarding Email Notifications


How to send an email notification to the customer once the service get approved from manager.


Regarding Email Notifications

How is the fulfillment structure setup?  This is where we are doing our notifications with standard templates but this structure is important in order to know where to place the email and to also be able to notify your performers if you are to passing to an external fulfillment.


Regarding Email Notifications

The requirement fulfillment structure is done by using service group authorizations and service group reviews. After the service is ordered and authorisation is performed , email notification should be send to the appropriate customer.

Can u tell me the procedure to send email notification to the customer after the service gets approved by performer or manager.


Regarding Email Notifications

Suggestion if delivery workflow is internal,

In plan tab, if you need to send separate email (one to customer, one to the performer of the task)

Top level tasks execute: concurrently

Setup a Parent Task and the subtask(s) execution is dependent upon the delievery but in this example there is only one task so set to concurrent and under Email use standard templates to the customer

  Notify when activity starts (order has been approved and fulfillment has begun etc)

  Notify when activity completes (order has been completed etc)

Evaluate condition when delivery phase starts is on

The delivery task would be a child task (indent)  with the Email - Notify when activity starts: setup standard template to performer (person/queue)

Evaluate condition when delivery phase starts is on

Upon completion of the delivery task, the parent will close and the customer will be notified.  You can contact me and I would be happy to show you a few setups.

Regarding Email Notifications

There is an option 'Notify when authorization completes' for every authorization task and you can configure this in the last authorization task to trigger an email notification to the customer.

If you already have used up this option, then the suggestion from Cindy will work best.

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