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sacmd.CMD Command Line in tes 6.1

We are in the process of upgrading from Tidal 5.3 to Tidal 6.1 (struggling) and I have some questions about the new Tidal command line sacmd.CMD.  If anyone has done this, any step by step instructions to set up the new command line execution or examples of sacmd jobs would be helpful and much appreciated.  Any guidance at all.

Some background:

I have followed the instructions and have installed the sacmd.CMD onto the server that houses our master in c:\Program Files\TIDAL\TESCmdLine\bin

I have read the section called "Activating the command line Program" in the command guide but am still unclear as to what we are truly supposed to enter and/or WHERE to enter this information.

It states:

Locate the path to the sacmd

command and enter the following information:

sacmd -cmdspurl http://hostname:8080/api/tes-6.0.1 -user

username -pass password

Note: Our client runs on a seperate server from the master (ie: client: tesclientserver   master: tesmasterserver).  The super user account should be xyzdomain\tidaluser with pwd xyzpassword.  Also note, i see NO API.dll installed on the master and am not sure what should be (exactly) entered for the above url, user and pass

I saw samples of jobs where they put the url and other information into the job that executes the sacmd.cmd, but i have also seen other samples where the job looks similar to our current 5.3 jobs (example below).

When I test a job with all the url information for the client entered above, the job appears to complete normally but there is out put of "UNAUTHORIZED (401)" and the job did not execute (ie: did not change the variable as expected).

When i test a job formatted similar to our old 5.3 example I just get an errors that seem to list the sacmd help.

CURRENT 5.3 sacmd. execution example

In our old 5.3 world we used sacmd.EXE (executable) that resided on the Master server in the Tidal installation directory.

In our tidal job we had the path to the sacmd.exe in the "command" and of course the rest of the command parameters in the parameters.


Command = C:\Program Files (x86)\TIDAL\Scheduler\master\sacmd.exe

Parameter = varset -n XYZVariable -v 5


Did you ever get a reply on the Unauthorized (401) error?


From reading original post, it sounds like the URL they are using is using the master as the host when it needs to be the Client Mgr server's host. 

Here's an old post I replied to that talks about sacmd configuration:


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