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Scheduling Job groups to run on a particular day and time automatically

Level 1
Level 1

Hi All,

How can we schedule the jobs to run at a particular day and time automatically?

In Tidal the jobgroup hierarchy is like given below,

1 Development

   2 EDW_R2_2_Load

       3 Job Group 1

       3 Job Group 2




        and so on

We have assigned the calendar "Daily" to the Job Group "EDW_R2_2_Load" which is at Level 2 of the hierarchy. But the job group "Development" has not been assigned any calendar and has been left blank.

Now, if I try to Create Schedule and compile the schedule, the jobgroup EDW_R2_2_Load does not go into schedule. I have given the effective start date as today, but still it is not going into schedule.

Is it necessary to assign a Calendar in the top most layer, i.e "Development" jobgroup, to accomplist automatica scheduling?

Please refer the attched pictures for reference.


K. Bhuvaneswaran.

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Jorge Cardona
Level 1
Level 1

You need to have a calendar assign to the parent group, ie, Daily at (Level 1), so the entire group can be launch into the schedule, then EDW_R2_2_Load, can either inherit from Parent or assign a different calendar, ie, Monday thru Friday, etc. Also level 3 Job Group 1 & 2 can inherit from level 2 or have a different calendar on them, depending on when you want these jbs o run.

Thank you Jorge Cardona.

In that case the sub jobs' and job groups' calendar time period should fall within the period specified in the parent job group's calendar. Am I right on this one?

That's correct.  tidal will give you a message when you try to save the jobs in they don't fall within the upper group calendar(s).

Thanks again.