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Hi all. Quick question:

Is there any problem if I remove all lines from the System Setup -> System Service License and them request a new license refresh at the portal? I'd like to do it if that would not break anything. I'm still installing CIAC and that action would not stop anyone's work.


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For me, the issue has never been fixed even after applying the patch. I'm pretty sure all instructions pointed here have been executed.  I still have to delete the entries from time to time.

To be clear, there is more than one patch that needs to be applied, as explained above.  There is both a 3.1.1 patch as well as a PO hotfix.

If you are still having trouble with both of these, please open a TAC case.  We do not want to sweep the issue under the rug and work around things with manual cleanup steps.

Yes. You mean the file, right ? I've applied it the way it is described in the Readme document and also following the hints people have provided in this thread.

No. See Lee's explanation above. The complete solution did not just require hotfix 10 which I think included the IAC 3.1.1 content, but also a separate PO hotfix. It'll take a  two-punch combo -

  1. IAC 3.1.1 Hotfix 1 - addresses common configuration pitfall as described in IAC 3.1.1 Hotfix 1 Technical Note and by Blaine Lincoln above.
  2. TEO  2.3.5 Hotfix 11 - addresses a race condition  that is most noteably affecting IAC licensing processes.

Please open a case with TAC if you still have issues.