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Service Link timeout

Sean Moreland
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Does anybody know how to decrease timeout for Service Link Agents when they wait for a response from remote system in outbound http adapter?

There are some situations when Service Link Agent sends outbound xml message to some external system and there is no any response from external system. In this case Service Link task looks like it's stuck.

And after some very long timeout Service Link Agents gets "Message Routing Exception"

So the question is to decrease timeout for this situation? Where can I change it?

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In your ServiceLink agent definition (Under Manage Integrations), go to the outbound properties for the HTTP adapter and change the default timeout value of 180,000 milliseconds (3 minutes) to a smaller value.

Thank you , Derek. I know this parameter. But the question is about very long timeout that can lasts hours. The request can be in status "Ongoing" very long time before it become "failed".

I need to know how to set this very long timeout ?

Are you sayting that it can take hours before your agent returns in ServiceLink with a failure of "message routing exception"? That is pretty unusual; usually that error occurs pretty quickly due to a faulty URL or bad credentials (401, 403 and 404 errors). Can you provide further details about the HTTP request and the full exception message? Are you able to see if the request was received by the endpoint and processed at all?