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Tracy Donmoyer

TES 6.x Database Requirements

I've seen multiple postings stating the master and Client Manager databases cannot reside on the same server due to performance issues.  Is this only the case for SQL Server or does it apply to Oracle as well?  Our current plan is to place both DBs on the same server.  Our DBAs assure us Oracle can handle the load.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Amir Jalali

Hi Tracy!

How are you doing?! Say hello to Saif for me

I am implementing Tidal 6.1 on a SQL Server but putting both Master and Client Manager on the same Database.

I will report back to you if there are any issues with impelementation / performance.


I also posted this to the SysAdmiral Yahoo group.  Those responses lead me to believe the Master and Client Manager databases can reside on the same server.

I look forward to hearing your results.


Hi there...

We are looking to have the CM Database on a separate server. But should the server be Windows 2012 or 2008?

What patch level should SQL 2012 be at?

We will also be putting the Darby(cache) database on a separate server.

Just to update on our progress, we were able to install both CM and Scheduler on the same SQL Server instance with no issues.

Performance may be a factor if you have many jobs running.

Also we were able to install both CM and Scheduler on one Server, but the performance was poor even with very few jobs.

Now for our production environment we have decided to split the Application Servers but maintain one database for both CM and Scheduler.


Marc Clasby

We have starting planning our upgrade, Similar to Michaels config above

I have some questions along these lines and want to see what people think

We will be luck in that 2 of our datacenters are very close so we can do some interesting things.

1.) Looking to install FT Master in windows cluster to eliminate single point of failure. Has anyone done this? Has anyone tested FT Master in 6X?

2.) What are people doing with Client Manager, We were also looking into mulitple copies of it...  and using global site selector GSS/ACE devices to present an alias. Has anyone done this or tested a redundent configuration or is it enough to have 2 (primary and backup)

3.) We plan on putting half our agents in one data center and half on the other

Windows Server 2012 vs Windows 2008 R2 SP2

What components are/will be able to be installed on Win2012?

  • Masters (Primary, Backup, FT)
  • Agents
  • Client Manager
  • Client Portal
  • JAWS

Hi Marc...

We are only looking to place the derby and admiral databases onto SQL 2012 and that SQL is on Windows server 2012.

The install of the application software will be on Window 2008 Servers. All of this will be on VMs.

One of the CM's will be on domain 1 and the other on domain 2. does not work the same way as 5.3.1 for domains.

6.1 does not cross domains for the AD and so we need a CM in each domain. the fix will be in 6.2, so they say.


Well we tried 6.1.247 and it just does not perform nearly as well as 5.3.1.

The system was setup with 20gb memory 4 cpu for each master and client manager.

We externalized the derby database.

We used IE9, FF and IE8

We're a shop of Informatica, SAP, MSSQL, Data services, BO and only 10k jobs a day, mostly repeats.

The Informatica was the longest part to set up (6pm to 1am) ouch..

We ran on 6.1.247 for an hour, but we quickly realized that we would not stay on 6.1.247 and fall back to 5.3.1

Tidal/Cisco will have to come out with something great in 6.2 is order to keep us. Because right now, we are already looking at alternatives for when 5.3.1 goes EOL.


Same here Michael.

Marc Clasby

I am very interested in your findings, we were looking at upgrading later this year.... sounds like we should stay put.

The CM seems to be the most dramatic change and the H/W requirements are pretty steep and potentially the source of "performance issues". Did you both tune the CM based on the tuning document or have a 3rd party do the upgrade?

Hi Marc,

We did use a TIDAL/Cisco certified third party, they were recommended during the April 2012 user gathering.

We also went through the performance docs and adjusted the memory per Tidal/Cisco recommendations.

What we found was in the IE9 screen connected to the Client Manager we were getting only half a screen refreshed.

Then after 10-20 seconds we would get the rest of the screen.

We found that switching from Active to job definitions to connections you needed to pause before clicking,

and wait for the sync to finish. We did a lot of double clicking, because the first click would not cause an effect.

We found it very odd to fail over, in 5.3.1 you right click on Fault monitor and switch to backup or primary.

The new way seemed to be logging on to the box and stop management services to fail over.

Filtering seemed to be an issue, expand all did not seem to work on the right side group level.

It seemed to us to be too slow to even put a job on hold before the Admiral database already activated the job.

Last was the constant popup to confirm everything.


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