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Tidal 6.1 and JDE 9.1error logging



Is it possible to address/resolve the following error message generated by Tidal starting any JDE UBE process:

660/4776 MAIN_THREAD                            Wed Jan 29 15:57:25.682001     XMLRequest.cpp542

XML0000010 - XMLRequest does not have role. Default role will be used.

3660/4776 MAIN_THREAD                            Wed Jan 29 15:57:26.150000     JDB_CTL.C6744

JDB4200001 - Failed to validate User handle

All the jobs are scheduled and executed as expected, but the JDE log file is filled with these messages and I am not certain what other impact this error may have in our JDE production environment as this a new implementation of JDE 9.1 and Tidal 6.1.

We have done some testing using jxml tool from Oracle and no errors are reported when the same UBE is called via jxml tool using the same user, role and environment.

Our environment runs on Windows 2008R2 with the following versions:

  • MS SQL      2008R2
  • JDE           9.1
  • JDE Tools
  • Tidal 
  • JDE Adapter



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Art Blount

Hello Ivica,

Until Cisco resolves the following:

XML0000010 - XMLRequest does not have role. Default role will be used.

JDB4200001 - Failed to validate User handle

You may want to also monitor the XML List Kernel as the logs file may fill and cause the kernel to zombie, any job running at that time may fail or fail to run until a new XML List Kernel is spawned. We have setup a manual yet automated Tidal job to recycle the kernel two times a week during our quiet time to eliminate job failures.

JDE - 9.0

JDE Tools -

Tidal -

JDE Adapter -


Thanks for you comment.

Yes, we have implemented kernel monitoring as well.

Unfortunately we are discovering additional JDE Adapter issues as well.

* JDE Adapter (in our configuration) is not respecting the UBE version options, like "print immediately".

* Some UBEs run successfully in JDE but Tidal thinks they have failed.

* Running UBE with debug option is not working.

* Interface very slow compared to 5.x version.

* Very specific/touchy about browser versions.

We are implementing all kinds of work-arounds to cater for Tidal's behaviour.

We have also logged a few errors with CISCO support but there are no updates for days now.

I am getting very nervous about recommending this version of Tidal.



Hi Ivica,

You stated "JDE Adapter (in our configuration) is not respecting the UBE version options, like "print immediately".

Are you guys getting printer output at all?

We have found that jobs excuted from Tidal that get picked up by Optio will not print. We have developed a workaround by creating a UBE Wrapper job and have Tidal call up the wrapper to achieve printing capabilities. Not sure if you guys are experiencing the same behaviors.

We have worked through issues with Tidal and cisco support has always come through to resolve our problems, we run over 4000 jobs a day and exerperience little to no problems that cannot be explained. Our production environment is basically on Auto Pilot with new jobs being added almost daily.


Hi Ivica,

Not sure if you have resolve the "print immediately" feature in Tidal, however I can share our printing experience. In order for jobs to print from an executed job from Tidal we had to create a wrapper job in E1. Essentially we created a R55CNCUBE and create multiple versions to launch the standard UBE/Version of our choice, this would give us the capabilities of defining printer output from Tidal. Hope this helps.

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