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Tidal and ServiceNow

Hello All -

For several years, we have sent an email action to ServiceNow to generate a ticket and assign it to the team that supports the job.  We include the output so the team can quickly see what the problem is.

In the previous version of ServiceNow, SN would still open a ticket, but would truncate the size of the description to its limit.  Our ServiceNow team just deployed a new version of ServiceNow.  If the output of a job is greater than 10kb then a ticket is not generated and no one gets alerted.

Since it is sometimes hard to determine how large the output will be, does anyone know of a way to limit how much output is actually sent in the message body?  Ie.  Can I truncate it myself?

Thanks in advance!



Hi Michelle,

I just saw this, while searching on another issue we're having with CWA.

Let me know if you still need an answer to this; we have built a fairly impresssive interface between tidal and servicenow using the webservice adapter.

With it, we truncate the logfile to show only the last 10K lines of the log in the ticket.

We also update each ticket with the fail info for any subsequent failures of the same jobid, as long as the servicenow ticket remains open.  This has proved invaluable, especially for recurring more duplicate tickets for the same jobid!

We can easily manipulate the severity and impact levels, and override the "default" assignment group on a job level.  A job can get a specific assignee in ServiceNow, this is easily accomplished with our interface.

We do this by employing a yaml both at the class and job's been working great for 8 months and we're thrilled with the results so far.


Hi Steve,

We are also doing an integration with ServiceNow and Tidal on all job failures.  We saw that you may know how to already do this, would you please send us any info on how to set this up.


Thank you




Hi Steve,

if you could share the steps to integrate Tidal with ServiceNow to create tickets for Tidal Job failures would be of great help.



Siva Kumar

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