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Tidal Enterprise Scheduler - Get Job status using c#


Is it possible to get the list of jobs scheduled and their status in Tidal Enterprise scheduler using a programming language like C# ?

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Marc Clasby

I think we need more details on what you want to implement.  You could use the Tidal APIs to get run information or query the jobrun table with a join on jobmst+jobdtl depending on what else you are after.

Basic information can be obtained with API -  here's the command from the 5.3.1 Command Line Program Guide PDF document.

SACmd jobmon [-d date] +display_options [filtering_options] [-b]

+s=status you can filter by multiple options

6X can leverage REST and goes through client manager

Thanks Marc, How to use the Tidal API? Is there any document?

I think the best option is to query the table, but I wanted to know about the API.

API depends on your version and you need to have the client installed from Server/DEsktop initiating the API

the PDF document should have been included on you CD2 called Command Line Program Guide

I will use 5.3.1 as an example:

open a command prompt

Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\TIDAL\Scheduler\client

type in set alias=DEV > example=DEV otherwise it defaults to Admiral

type in SACMD

type  HOST I always type in HOST so I can verify what master I am running against (nio need if only one connection)

type in jobmon with your options I included below from doc

[-d date] +display_options [filtering_options] [-b]

It may be of limited use in 5.3.1 because to isolate you need to know Job ID or Alias or some other filter critiera... Job ID is in database jobmst.dbo.jobmst_id which is the unique identified and can be different from alias... depending on your  requirements (dashboard?) and how you have organized your jobs a SQL query would be the better option. 


rJob rule ID
iJob run ID
pParent job group ID
jJob type (job or job group)
cOccurrence number
oJob or job group owner
uRuntime user
hAgent The Agent the job runs on
zScheduled vs. unscheduled job
tJob start time
sJob status
vJob duration
nJob name
aJob alias
xExit code
-rrule_id Job rule ID
-pgroup_id Parent job group ID
-jtype Job type. You can choose: job group: group, or 1 job: Job, or 2
-oowner Job or job group owner
-urun_user Runtime user
-hagent The Agent name the job runs on
-sjob Status ( Completed Abnormally=103, Normal=101)
-aalias Job alias
-xexit_code Exit code
-bSuppresses the header information

Exactly Dashboard. You one wonderful resource! Thanks.

Version is 5.3.1

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