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Upgrade TES 5.3.1 to 6.1.0 ?

Patricia Hindes

Is it possible to upgrade directly from TES 5.3.1 to 6.1.0? The 6.1 release notes only seem to address "Upgrading from 6.0.x to 6.1.0.

  • If is is possible, is there any documentation / guides on this?
  • If we need to upgrade to 6.0.x first, then is there any documentation / release notes on this? I cannot seem to locate those.
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We are still muscling through our 6.1 installation.  I cannot really use the words I would like to in this forum.  I will add that the client performance is abmismal.

Patricia, we were seeing many performance issues with our 5.3.1 to 6.1 upgrade.  Our java process on the server was hovering around 250% and browser performance was way to slow for production.  We went through the process to externalize the cache, as recommended above, and performance and load improved tremendously.  Load on server cpu and browser peformance are now acceptable.


Does anyone can provide me a  system specification for 6.1 upgrade?? Doc have minimal and we're a medium company have 700k jobs running in a month.

Currently we have 5.3.1 master with 8 GB Ram and two processors. Since upgrade 6 have web client running too, it will need additional memory???

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